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Glide on Water: E-Foiling opens new horizons in Bonita Springs

Posted at 5:34 PM, Feb 26, 2024

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. — In the shimmering waters of Bonita Springs, a new water sport is emerging. Electronic Foiling, or E-Foiling, is sometimes described as a cross between jet skiing and surfing.

Mike Smith, the owner of MSB Foil and an E-Foil instructor, likens the experience to a scene straight out of a fantasy. "If you've ever seen the movie Aladdin, when they're flying on the magic carpet, that's essentially what E-Foiling is," he explained. "It's your magic carpet in real life."

The magic behind E-Foiling, however, is not derived from mystical forces but from cutting-edge technology. A battery powers an electric motor, providing 30 to 90 minutes of "flight" time and allowing riders to glide for approximately 20 miles. A wing attached in front of the motor acts like an airplane wing, lifting the board and its rider above the water's surface.

For those who remember the iconic hoverboards from "Back to the Future," the concept might seem familiar. Dave Shestalo, a beach visitor, shared his excitement, saying, "It's kind of the same thing, but you're on water."

E-Foiling's learning curve is surprisingly gentle, especially in the calm waters of Southwest Florida.

"As a beginner, we really strive to get this flat water, and that's one great thing about southwest Florida. We have consistent flat water out here in the gulf," Smith added.

Within just five minutes of practice and training, beginners like myself can experience lift-off, gliding just above the glimmering waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The sensation of quietly soaring above the water is both exhilarating and serene, offering a unique feeling of weightlessness and freedom. This experience explains why some individuals are willing to invest between $6,000 and $12,000 in an E-Foil.

For those who would like to try flying over water themselves, MSB Foil is making it more accessible. They are currently offering a promotion for the first lesson at $199, inviting adventurers to experience the thrill of E-Foiling.