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Weather won't be a problem for Santa in Florida, but he could see snow out west

Posted at 6:14 PM, Dec 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-23 18:14:52-05

Santa Claus is coming to town tomorrow night. As Santa checks his naughty or nice list, i thought i would give him a hand with his big trip around the globe. As Santa crosses the Atlantic Ocean coming from delivering presents in Europe, he might run into a bit of head wind. Santa travels across the pond at around 60,000 feet (about twice the cruising altitude of a commercial jet), which is where the jet stream is.

He will be facing a lot of wind in his face, thanks to the same system that brough us the wind and the rain earlier this week. In terms of rain, you might want a raincoat in the Northeast, especially near the Great Lakes region. But no worries as he heads south to Florida. High pressure will make for awesome flying weather. It would be until Santa heads over the Rocky Mountains will he has to deal with rain and snow. I am sure he will feel right at home on the snowy West Coast, especially guided by Rudolph's red nose.

As for temperatures, Santa might need to lose the heavy coat as he heads to Florida and the rest of the south. Temperatures will be in the 60s and 70s. Where he will want that winter coat will be out west where he can expect 30s to go along with the snow I mentioned earlier.

Here, especially in southwest Florida, we have clear skies and 50s Christmas Eve night. Santa may just want to vacation down here after his busy night, because the weather looks beautiful heading into next week.