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Posted at 3:23 PM, Dec 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-02 17:33:25-05

SOUTHWEST, Fla. — We asked one parent where they've found helpful resources for navigating virtual school with their students.

Her response:

“When you find some answers, let me know.”

If you’re using virtual schooling as a tool this school year, chances are you might have run into a couple of challenges along the way.

Don’t worry. This is new to many people like you, and you’re not alone.

An online community

Caretakers in our area are turning to each other to help figure out an educational world that’s pretty foreign for many people.

This is part of the reason one local grandmother and retired educator of more than 30 years developed a resource of her own.

Chris Ritchet Rahmings’ is the organizer of 2020-2021 Parent Lee Home Connect.

The Facebook group’s designed to help caretaker get answers and find help with navigating online schooling for students in their home.

Rahmings, whose leading virtual schooling for her two grandchildren this year, says active participants include other retired teachers and educators.

The group’s also serves as a space for participants to exchange ideas.

“If you find something that’s good, share it!”, Rahmings adds.

Becoming a member leads to posts containing tips and tricks from project suggestions to reminders for school closures.

Getting help from the Lee County School District

FOX 4 also reached out to Lee County School Board member Gwynetta Gittens on Wednesday.

She says parents should follow these steps to get further assistance with their child’s school work:

  • Start with your child’s teacher. Contact them directly stating your concerns and observations, while asking how to best move forward.
  • If you’re not getting the answers needed, contact the school directly. Depending on the age group, that could include a principal, an assistant principal or a guidance counselor.
  • Check out resources available on Gittens suggest searching for “Home Connect” in the search tab or Parent University, which you can find here.

Have you found a helpful resource? Let us know. Email Shari Armstrong at

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