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People worry algae will spread to Matanzas Pass

Posted at 9:33 AM, Jul 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-16 09:02:33-04

LEE COUNTY, Fla - Water quality is a topic people who live and work near Matanzas Pass talk about. They hope the green algae stays away.

"It probably does scare them a little bit and it should," Pat Morgan said as he walked his dog Friday evening. "But, they have nothing to be scared about on Fort Myers Beach," he added.

A waiter at Dixie Fish Co. feared the worst when he looked down at the water around Friday's lunch service. He saw green dots that floated on the water and called out to his supervisor.

"We were kind of suspicious whether or not it would be green algae," Meliss Alleva said.

Luckily, the water appeared to clear up in the hours following the green dots.

"King of keeping my fingers crossed that people wait and don't panic about anything," Alleva said. "We should just wait and see what happens," she added.

4 In Your Corner reached out to the United States Coast Guard Friday to check in about green algae. They said they have not received complaints of the green algae near Matanzas Pass or Fort Myers Beach. The only recent thing of concern their patrols spotted was a Red Tide fish kill about a week ago.

Morgan hasn't seen anything yet that concerns him.

"I haven't seen anything of what they're talking about on the news," Morgan said. "I live out on the water too," he added.

Alleva had time to focus on her customers when the green dots disappeared. She also looked ahead to her weekend.

"I feel completely safe. I'd never let my kids in the water if there was something wrong," she said.