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Zoom experienced major power outages in parts of the U.S. and Europe

Millions of users were affected
Posted at 12:26 AM, Aug 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-25 00:26:52-04

The major video conferencing platform, Zoom , experienced major outages Monday morning.

Millions of users were affected across parts of the United States and Europe.

As many people head back to school and continue to work from home, some worry the platform may not be able to support the increase in users.

The company says it started receiving reports of people not being able to use the site as early as 8 am; the outage lasted for several hours.

The founder and CEO of the California based company, Eric Yuan released a statement regarding the issue.

“We know the responsibility we have to keep your meetings, classrooms & important events running. I’m personally very sorry & we will all do our best to prevent this from happening in the future,” said Yuan.

Fox 4 spoke with the CEO of Tech in a Flash in Cape Coral, who says he wasn't surprised to hear of the outage.

“To battle the number of users that they are having its a tuff curve to deal with. Just before December, before COVID hit, Zoom alone had 10 million daily users and then April you are looking at 200 million daily users, ” said Robstock.

He says more hardware and resources are needed in order to scale the platform to meet demand.

“They actually have to purchase more equipment and deploy it all over the world, ” said Rebstock.

Both Lee and Collier County Public Schools are offering virtual learning to students for the 2020 school year.

CCPS stating they utilize “multiple web conferencing platforms…in order to provide diversified systems for learning in the case of an outage of a single system, ” Chad Oliver.

Lee County also provided technological backup plans.

“Google Classroom and google meets are the back up for teachers to communicate with students so that learning continues, ” said Rob Spicker.

Robstock provided a few tips to advance your connection while working remotely.

“Make sure you have the best internet connection available, if you are on wireless move to a wire that might help, stop anyone from using your internet in your household like if they are streaming Netflix or something like that, ” Rebstock.