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Woman with special needs says man raped her behind church

Posted at 6:40 PM, Aug 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-22 19:57:15-04

Nikolette said a man raped her behind All Souls Episcopal Church in North Fort Myers Wednesday.

She described how it made her feel.

“Overwhelmed, scared, uncomfortable.” she said. “He told me to come towards the dumpster, and I did. I had to because he said if I didn’t he would be mad at me.”

She is 27 years old, but her mom said because she has special needs, she has the mind of a 4-year-old. She and her mom sat down with Fox 4 after what they called an overwhelming day. Her mom Tracy Padgett said the man took advantage of her daughter.

“She doesn’t have our kind of minds. She has the mind of a child", she said.

When asked if she tried to fight off her attacker, she said she felt paralyzed.

“No. I was just shocked,” she said.

Padgett said the man who raped her daughter forced her to keep quiet. Afterwards, Padgett said her daughter came to her crying, saying it was her fault.

“She felt like she had to shut up, and she couldn’t say nothing. It’s like he was telling her not to say nothing,” she said.

Padgett filed a report with Lee County Sheriff’s Office. LCSO confirmed they’re investigating the case. Padgett said her daughter then went to Abuse Counseling and Treatment where doctors completed a rape kit.

“I know she was raped. I was there in the room with her when they did the rape kit,” she said.

Padgett said the man who raped her daughter was arrested, but not charged with rape.

“I want something done with him. This is not right. She doesn’t want to go to All Souls no more for this reason,” she said.

All Souls told Fox 4 they won’t comment because of the pending investigation, but they’re cooperating with LCSO.