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Woman struggles to get dog back from shelter

Worries pregnant dog will lose puppies
Posted at 2:11 AM, Nov 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-13 07:31:08-05

Gretchen Amiot hasn't seen her beloved dog Dynasty for days.

The white, American bulldog wound up at the Collier County Domestic Animal Services after a neighbor found her wandering around. She's been there since a neighbor found her wandering.

She's been there since Wednesday, waiting for her owner to come and get her...but there's a slight problem. 

"We came today, Saturday, and I bring her the shot records, but they did not want those shot records because they are old", Amiot told Fox 4. 

Gretchen has tried to get the records she needs to reclaim her dog, but hasn't been able to get what she needs. The shelter is asking for a form from a veterinarian saying Dynasty belongs to Amiot, but Amiot hasn't taken Dynasty to a veterinarian in the area. 

"I went to several clinics, several veterinarians, and none of them would do it because she is not a patient of them."

Four in Your Corner spoke with a representative of of Collier Domestic Animal Services. They informed Fox 4 that it is standard procedure to spay or neuter any dog that hasn't been picked up. There's one more thing, Amiot says Dynasty is pregnant and due to give birth at any moment.  

Amiot says that she's worried the the procedure will kill dynasty's pups. She went to the clinic on Saturday and didn't receive the news she was hoping for. She's hoping the procedure will be delayed long enough for dynasty to give birth. 

The spokesperson from Collier County Domestic Animal Services said they had no intention of doing anything that would harm Dynasty or her puppies.