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Woman sleeps in car for three days after power goes out

Posted at 12:07 AM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-13 00:09:25-04
Sabrina Cody spent three nights in her car after power went out in her apartment at Sunrise Towers.  
Even when the power is on the air conditioning doesn't work properly.
“The apartment floods, it's molded some of my clothes, shoes,” said Cody, who has lived at the complex since 2015.
Many of its residents receive government assistance for rent, but Sabrina doesn't’.  Despite paying full price for rent, it took three days for someone to come out and turn on the power.
“I finally called code  enforcement and, code enforcement came out yesterday and notified the landlord which is now trying to fix it."
Sabrina also has a roach and rat infestation, the rodents even gnawing though a container of ramen noodles.
“The roof is breaking, mold, the mildew, now no AC for 4 days the rats, the feces, it's ridiculous."
Ft. Myers City Councilman Johnny Streets, whose been working on fixing the problems at the Jones-Walker housing complex, admits the city could be doing a better job holding code inspectors and property managers accountable.
“Some of the conditions I've seen, whether it be Jones-Walker or Sunrise, you would ask yourself,  how this could happen, when people inspect these apartments?"
Councilman Streets and Sabrina say maintenance workers are putting band aids on problems rather than fixing them fully.
“It's sad, we shouldn't have to live like this."
The apartment complex declined to comment and asked Fox 4 to leave the property.