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Woman says Verizon is charging her for stolen phone

Posted at 11:47 PM, Nov 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-27 08:01:14-05

A recent shopping trip went horribly wrong for Diana Huggins. After a trip to a retail outlet, Huggins found her phone was stolen when she went to the register to check out. She told Fox 4 that she did what any phone-owner would do. She called her provider and had the phone shut off. Unfortunately for her, the problem didn't end there. 

Huggins Told Fox 4 that a friend called her a few days later and she discovered that her stolen phone had been turned back on and was being used by the thieves who stole it. She's been trying to get answers ever since, and was told that she would hear from the fraud department shortly after the incident. The call never came. 

"I called them yesterday and I talked to fraud and they said, 'Absolutely not this is not a case of fraud'."

Huggins tried to terminate her contract with Verizon after the fraud department didn't give her the answers she was looking for. Since the person turned the phone on without her knowledge, she worried that whoever did it may have gotten access to her personal information. 

The kind of phone scam Diana Huggins experienced is a common one. The Federal Trade Commission has a page on their website detailing how scammers can get access to your phone and how you can get your carrier to protect your personal information. 

Huggins says that she has switched phone providers and she intends call her lawyer to sue Verizon because she feels they've compromised her information.