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Woman says her dog rescued her from pit bull attack

Posted at 10:31 PM, Jan 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-18 22:31:24-05

A woman credits her 10-month-old puppy for being able to walk away from a pit bull attack.

Ashley Boone says she was attacked by a male pit bull Tuesday evening.

"In that instant all I felt was his pit bull's teeth launch into my hand," said Boone.

Boone's German Shepherd, Maya, intervened and separated Boone from what Lee County Domestic Animal Services describes as a male pit bull.

"Had she not gotten the dog off of me, the dog would've snapped my wrist or harm in half," said Boone. "He wasn't letting go," she added.

She went from being worried about herself to being worried about Maya.

"I honestly didn't think we wre going to get the pit bull away from Maya," said Boone. "I thought we were going to lose Maya," she added as tears streamed down her face.

Maya escaped the encounter with a bite mark on the inside of her ear, but now the German Shepherd is under home quarantine for ten days.

Lee County Domestic Animal Services give "dangerous dog" documentation to both parties in cases like this.

"We just threw my dog into the same mix as this vicious and aggressive dog that's attacked more than one time," said Boone. "Maya is not aggressive or dangerous. She did what she did to protect me," she added.

LCDAS says they'll check up on both Maya and the pit bull once the ten day quarantine expires.