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Woman says contractor's taking too long to finish pool

Posted at 6:28 PM, Sep 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-30 18:28:22-04

CAPE CORAL Fla. — Malinda Hernandez said she’s paid Blue Haven Pools more than $20,000 to install a pool in her backyard. Something she’d hoped would bring her family together as they mourn her husband who passed away last year.

“I wanted to bring my children and grandchildren more closer so I won’t be feeling alone,” she said.

The contract said Blue Haven would finish the pool back in April, but now there’s just a concrete hole in her backyard.

“We waited and waited and waited months and months and months and they came and did one thing a month and then finally construction stopped,” she said.

She said the hold up is causing troubles outside of her home.

“We were supposed to have sprinklers put back on, and now my grass is all dried,” she said. “There’s only two feet of pavers. So I won’t be able to put any lawn chairs, anything, without falling into the pool.”

There’s also problems inside her home. She said the prolonged work has even taken family time away. She said now the outlets in her den don’t work.

She said she also received a notice to owner from a subcontractor, warning of the possibility of a lien for unpaid work.

Fox 4 reached out to Blue Haven to get answers for Hernandez Monday evening, but no one answered. Moments later, a Blue Haven representative called Hernandez and said they would look at her pool first thing Wednesday morning.