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Woman's House Vandalized for Fifth Time

Posted at 11:17 PM, Nov 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-06 23:17:39-05

Donna Seal woke up to find her house vandalized for the fifth time this morning. This time, when she came back from her her job driving the bus for a local elementary school, she found the words "Ho Ho", in red spray paint on her garage. 

It's the latest in a string of incidents on her property. Fox 4 reported earlier about how Seal's home had been egged over the weekend. Prior to that, vandals had jumped over her fence and spray-painted the inside and egged her grill and her air conditioner. 

The incidents started in September when someone spray painted her fence on all sides. Since then, she's had four incidents take place within the last thirty days. Seal says she is fed up with cleaning up the mess and can't believe her house was hit again in such a short time span. 

"I'm out by five, I'm back here by nine. I saw this on the door when I got home this morning and I just couldn't believe it", she told Fox 4. 

Fox 4 spoke with the Lee County Sheriff's office and they informed us that they are aware of each incident and have an ideas about who is behind it. They are currently working to gather enough evidence to make an arrest.