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Woman in Fort Myers losing her home and needs space for 83 rescue cats

Woman losing home and needs space for rescue cats
Posted at 10:48 PM, Nov 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-08 22:49:54-05

NORTH FORT MYERS — One woman in North Fort Myers is in need of a home for her and her cats… 83 cats that is.

Tammy Nemec runs Rescue Cats Rock out of her home but says as of January 1, her beloved cats could be homeless

“If my pocket book was as rich as my heart is we'd never want for anything,” said Nemec.

Tammy says 6 years ago she was lost living with only a few cats, begging God to save her and realized something had to change

‘I had a couple of cats and we ere living in a house with no electricity no water, everyday though i had enough money for booze and a box of cat food for them,” said Nemec.

One day she says after a friend called and said there is a woman with 30 cats who is about to lose her home, Tammy not knowing what to do .. finally decided to act quickly.

“Sure enough all of my recovery family and friends got together and they helped they would bring food they would bring litter, some of then even adopting some of the baby kittens the we took in,” said Nemec.

For Tammy this was only the beginning, she founded rescue cats rock to help fund only one of her cats that was injured, she says it grew into an organization that does so much more than house these animals.

“We make sure everybody is taken care of we spay we neuter but we also get things treated that are medically wrong with the cats,” said Nemec.

Tammy loves what she does but says she she needs more space, to house and care for her felion family

“We're settled is it big enough space for the cats ? Not for us to continue to grow and continue to help, and that’s what we want to do,” said Nemec.

As of January 1st Tammy says her lease at her current home will be up and she told us she doesnt even need a home.. just a sanctuary for her and her rescue cats.

“Help us help me save them, they deserve to have a home they deserve to be saved, they deserve to be fed and they have medical care and taken care of , help me put home that can be left for them so that there are homeless cats out here in lee county that will always have a home,” said Nemec.