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Woman involved in fatal 2015 hit and run crash back in court for driving with suspended license

Posted at 6:22 PM, Oct 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-09 18:22:15-04

A woman who pled guilty in a 2015 fatal hit and run crash in Fort Myers was back in court Tuesday for another driving offense - this time in Collier County. Yariza Herrara, 20, was cited in June for driving on a suspended license, three years after admitting to running a red light and slamming into Evan Shepherd, 27. Shepherd was killed in the crash.

Herrera was 17 when she was sentenced with probation for causing the crash. Shepherd's sister, Lauren Harkin, said she believes Herrera shows a lack of remorse for her brother's life by racking up another driving offense before the 3-year license suspension was over.

"I feel that she doesn't respect my brother's death by doing that, because that was one of the things she agreed to: not getting behind the wheel of a car," said Harkin, who was in court for Herrera's latest brush with the law.

The judge decided to postpone Herrera's case until October 19, saying that the case needs further review.

"She has rights throughout this process," Harkin said. "She is in a situation where she is going to lose more rights, and my family has nothing else to lose."