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Woman fighting to keep emotional support chickens now filing federal charges against Lee County

Posted at 10:56 PM, Nov 06, 2019

Karen Morris and her 4 chickens or her girls as she calls them, have been fighting with Lee County and the Sunshine Mobile Village Residents Association for over a year now.

Morris was prescribed emotional support chickens to help cope with some mental health difficulties.

“My psychiatrist provided them a letter to acknowledge that an emotional support animal is beneficial to somebody with mental health difficulties,” said Morris.

We stopped by to talk with Morris today and she had a short hearing that she says stated the obvious.

“It was actually over very quickly it was just to point out the fact that lee county has a no chicken law and it is a code violation, am i still in code violation, do i plan on removing the chickens no,” said Morris.

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Morris says after that meeting her lawyer filed a motion to stop all pending fines until a federal judge makes a decision.

“Marcy Lahart is drawing up papers in the proper format that they need to be in to be submitted to the FHA and to the federal court house and both of them will be served a federal violation of the for the handicapped disabled act and fair housing,” said Morris

Karen says she is happy that the court case is being moved to the federal level but she's disappointed in her community that she thought she could call home.

“I’m disappointed in the fact that those chickens live in my private home that i pay mortgage on, and how people that done live in my house that are effected by this are so interested in being apart of it,” said Morris.

Morris also says her girls give her something medicine cannot and she is hopeful a federal judge can give her the rights to keep her emotional support animals .

“I have 100 percent faith in god and in my attorney this is a fair housing act violation it is a disability act violation, and unfortunately they are just not getting it so a federal judge will be telling them you have to make reasonable accommodation for this disability,” said Morris.

Morris also shared exclusively with Fox 4 the paper work stating as of Monday she has 30 days to get rid of her chickens or face more fines, telling me, she is willing to keep them