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Woman claims dentist pulled wrong tooth

Posted at 10:20 PM, Jan 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-15 22:46:36-05

CAPE CORAL, FLA — Samantha Felix says she's been living with pain for months.

"Every day I have a migraine, it hurts, I can feel my heartbeat in it," she said.

And she claims that the headache has gotten even bigger, after visiting her dentist last August.

"He was supposed to pull this tooth, but he pulled this tooth. You can see it's inflamed, and it's got the hole in it," she said.

Felix says they discussed a treatment plan before the procedure.

"He told me he would be able to pull the tooth and as soon as I got there, I pointed to the rotted tooth. He was like 'Okay, that's the tooth?' He leaned me back and pulled the tooth behind it and I didn't even know until I was almost home," she said.

She says she immediately called the office and they told her to come back in.

"He said 'Oh, okay well you want me to pull the tooth?' and I said, 'Well you can pull the tooth, but if you pull the tooth, I'll never be able to chew on my left side again because you pulled the wrong tooth, and I needed that tooth to chew,'" she said.

We went to the dental office on Barkley circle in Fort Myers to get some answers.

The dentist didn't want to go on-camera and said he couldn't say much because of HIPAA.

But he did confirm that Felix was a patient and confirmed that she got her tooth pulled.

He claims he didn't pull the wrong tooth and says he is still open to working with her as a patient.

When we pressed him about her claims, he said she should hire a lawyer or file a complaint with the Florida Board of Dentistry.

It's something Felix says she's considering, but ultimately, she's asking for him to replace the tooth for free to fix what she's calling a "mistake."

"He told me he would give me a referral so I could pay out of pocket and get a fake tooth or else I could get a root canal and I'm not paying out of pocket, so I told him I don't want the referral," she said.