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Woman chases down school bus, yells at driver for not picking up her son

Posted at 7:27 PM, Aug 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-16 19:27:49-04

A woman chased down a school bus, then got out and yelled at the bus driver in front of a busload of children on Sunshine Boulevard in Lehigh Acres Thursday morning. The 45-second rant made at least one other parent concerned for the safety of the driver and the students. 

"She was just absolutely going off on the bus driver because her son missed the bus," said Jennifer Sanchez, who recorded the incident on her vehicle's dashboard-mounted camera from behind the bus. "I just started to record, thinking something was going to happen to one of the kids."

Willie Jordan, whose house is just yards away from the bus stop, saw the whole scene from his driveway.

"She was cussing at the driver," Jordan said. 

He said the children on the bus seemed frightened when the woman kept yelling at the bus driver, who he said called her supervisor for assistance.

"They seemed like they were scared for the bus driver," Jordan said. 

"At no time did the woman try to board the bus," Rob Spicker, spokesman for the Lee County School District, wrote in a statement emailed to Fox 4 regarding the incident. "However, she could easily be heard by all of the students."

"Our driver remained in control at all times and followed the correct safety and security protocols," he added.

Sanchez hopes she never hears about similar incident happening again.

"Parents shouldn't be doing that," she said. "These kids are scared enough with last year's school shootings, and then this happens, and of course it's going to put the kids more on alert."

Spicker said that the woman's tantrum shows a disrespect for the safety of their students and drivers that will not be tolerated. He said the school district has started an investigation, and that law enforcement would be notified.