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Woman challenges $42,000 window contract her father signed, says he has brain cancer

Posted at 11:33 PM, Sep 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-16 23:35:09-04

A Lehigh Acres woman turned to Fox 4 after she said her father signed a $42,000 contract for window replacement in his home. Tammy Brown said that her father, Allen Zaverl, has brain cancer, and does not believe that he was in the correct frame of mind to sign a contract for thousands of dollars worth of windows.

"My dad is severely disabled with brain cancer, and my mother is also disabled," Brown said. "He just went to the hospital, and he has severe brain swelling. They don't have the money to do this, no way."

Brown believes her father's mind was compromised from the swelling in his brain when he signed the contract with Home Performance Alliance. The work has not yet begun, but Tammy said her father had already given HPA $2,000 for a down payment on the window project, which she hopes can be reimbursed.

"All the windows are fine in the house, and it's a small house," Brown said. 

She said she has tried to get HPA to cancel the contract, without success. 

But when Fox 4 reached out to the company, an HPA spokesman replied saying that the was unaware of Zaverl's condition, and that it might be possible to let him out of the window contract. The spokesman said no windows had yet been ordered for the project.

If Zaverl's contract is canceled, it would take a huge burden off of Tammy, who has much more serious concerns with her father's health.

"We're probably just going to bring in Hope Hospice," she said.