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Woman calls out Sears over broken oven

Posted at 10:56 PM, Dec 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-30 22:56:46-05

CAPE CORAL, FLA — A Cape Coral woman tells FOX 4 she experienced a freak accident in late September.

"My glass in the range, just shatters," she said.

And for her that accident was the beginning of a long nightmare.

"They said 'Oh you need a part. You need a new handle,'" she said.

She doesn't want to share her name, but she does want to share her story.

She says when it comes to replacing that handle for her oven, she's been through hours of phone calls, hang-ups, canceled appointments with Sears.

In the end, she's still only able to open her oven part way. But the glass and handle shake when she does, so she still can't use it.

"I've had three technicians already in my house and the handle has broken three times," she said.

And just when things couldn't get worse, her washing machine which is also from Sears, recently broke.

"They order the wrong parts; I wait and wait for weeks," she said.

That appliance was fixed Wednesday.

She tells FOX 4 it's a situation that comes at a time when staying in and cooking is essential for her family.

"My husband isn't well. He isn't well so we don't go out of the house," she said.

And at this point, she's calling on sears to provide a fix and fast.

"You know pull this one out, put another one in temporarily, do something for me!" she said.

We reached out to Sears' corporate offices for a statement and here's what they said:

“At Sears, the satisfaction of our members is our top priority. Today, our technician completed the repair of the Mathers’ washing machine. Regarding their range, it requires a repair to the handle, which has been on back order from G.E. If we cannot locate a handle or the part is no longer available, we will authorize a replacement. In addition, we are providing them with a 25% reimbursement for work completed in October which was not covered under their MPA, since it involved accidental damage. This reimbursement will either be credited to their account or issued by mail as a bank check.”