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Water quality issues force cancellation of Capitva swim

Posted at 10:43 PM, Sep 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-07 22:43:45-04

When Peter Irberseder partakes in his first triathlon next weekend he won't be needing his swim trunks.

Race organizers canceled the swim portion of the Galloway-Captiva Triathlon due to water quality concerns.

"I trained to do a triathlon not a duathlon.  I get it, and I understand, everyone's health is important, but I want to do a triathlon."

But with forecasts showing an increased probability for red tide, race organizers say it was just too risky to do the quarter mile swim, instead it will be replaced with a run.

"We are planning right now to have the run along the beach, on Capitva, the quarter mile run.  In the same area on land, that they would have been swimming off shore," said Race Director Kate Gooderham.

Last year Hurricane Irma canceled the entire Triathlon.

Gooderham says she's disappointed the swim portion is canceled, especially because this is the last time this event will be held.

"It is a tremendously challenging event to put together," said Gooderham.

An event Irberseder has been preparing for by biking, swimming and running for several months, only to find out he won't be getting wet.

"The one thing I'm struggling with is running, and they have two legs of running, so I guess I have to do it."

The kids triathlon is Saturday September 15th, while the adult event is Sunday September 16th.

Proceeds from some of the entry fees benefits Community Cooperative and its Healthy Pantry Program.