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Group helping autistic adults live their best lives gets the best surprise ever!

Posted at 8:54 AM, Nov 14, 2023

FORT MYERS, Fla. — So. Much. Fun.

I love my job and we have fun sometimes, but the reality is a lot of times the news of the day is pretty serious stuff.

That's why, when I get assignments where I get to surprise people and further their cause ... I can't stop smiling!

Let me introduce you to our friends at My Autism Connection.

If you're not familiar with this SWFL charity you should get to know them. Sandra Worth founded the group after realizing there wasn't much out there for autistic adults in the community.

Her son was diagnosed with autism when he was a child and she made it her mission to help fill the gap.

I shared their mission and how they help people in this story recentlyafter asking you on social media about non-profits in our area that don't get a lot of public attention.

Fast forward to now and Fox 4 together with our parent company E.W. Scripps and the Scripps Howard Fund is so happy to help further their mission by donating $10,000.

The group says they can use the money to work with members on social skills, purchasing materials needed for learning, taking educational field trips and so much more.

If you want to see how sneaky we were when surprising them with the check - watch the linked story and perhaps considering doing something nice for someone today!

Amy Wegmann and Fox 4 General Manager, Evan Pappas, surprise a group of members at My Autism Connection with $10,000

Even a positive note, a hug or a hot coffee goes a long way.