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Waste Pro turning to employment agencies for help filling positions, but it's not that simple

Posted at 8:03 PM, Apr 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-15 20:03:30-04

CAPE CORAL — We’re hearing from an employment agency Waste Pro is turning to for help to fill its open positions.

It’s one step the company said it would take in an action plan it submitted to the City of Cape Coral after it missed thousands of trash pick ups. But after reaching out to one of the employment agencies Waste Pro is working with, we learned it still won't be easy to find applicants.

Susan Pinto at Hiring-4-U said she got a call from Waste Pro earlier this week. The company wanted help finding drivers and helpers for the back of the trucks. But Pinto said, one of the problems with trash removal is that it’s dangerous work.

"We can’t put anybody in a temporary position with them because I don’t have the workman’s comp coverage, and I can’t get it, and honestly, I don’t really want to. There is a high risk involved," said Pinto.

But Pinto said she has agreed to refer employees to apply with Waste Pro directly. The company has a goal of hiring 25 new employees to meet the demand, at a rate of two to three new employees a week.

Pinto said, given the job market, that’s going to be a hard goal to meet.

"It’s near impossible to find people that are available to work, really for between that $10 and $15 wage," said Pinto.

We talked with another staffing company, called Express Employment Professionals. Owner Tom Jobin said the demand for workers right now is at historic levels.

"We right now have never seen this happen. About 150 open requests right now for people ranging anywhere from a $12 an hour employee to a $40 an hour employee," said Jobin.

In its action plan, Waste Pro told the City it’s raising wages to try to attract workers. Jobin said that’s the right strategy.

"There’s no question that’s going to help you is to offer more in this environment to get what you need," aid Jobin.

But in the meantime, Pinto recommends people think of ways they can help ease the trash burden on the community.

"I’m paying the extra $60 for them to deliver my new mattress and carry the old one away, and I think some people in Cape Coral can do the same to help out the situation," said Pinto.

In its action plan, Waste Pro also said it will be interviewing candidates at an upcoming job fair hosted by Goodwill in Lehigh Acres on May 4th. You can read the full action plan below:

Waste Pro Action Plan Page 1
Waste Pro Action Plan Page 1
Waste Pro Action Plan Page 2
Waste Pro Action Plan Page 2