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Waste Pro responds after Fox 4 investigates trash not picked up

Posted at 7:04 PM, Sep 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-29 19:05:02-04

CAPE CORAL — A neighborhood in Cape Coral is looking, and smelling, a lot better.

People living on SE 10th St. reached out to Fox 4 because Waste Pro hadn’t picked up their trash in almost two weeks, and some cans were overflowing.

So we started looking into the issue, and only a few hours later, a trash truck showed up. Homeowner Mark Merkle said he had already been trying to reach out to the company.

“Waste Pro has got at least five notices that I’m aware of where I have asked for this to be picked up. Our whole street is missed," said Merkle.

Merkle and his neighbor, Joe Hernandez, explained how much of a problem it is when the truck doesn’t catch all the cans along the route.

“If you’ve eaten something that spoils over a period of time, it’s bad enough having it in your trash can for a week, but when you have it in there for two weeks and you’re smelling that, and then when you open this to put it, it’s real rank," said Hernandez.

“They don’t see the inconvenience that it’s causing us, and I need to have my garbage picked up every week, as I pay for it," said Merkle.

Merkle said he’s glad to see the garbage finally gone, but he said this has happened before, and he’s getting fed up.

“If they miss me again, then we’re going to have to take my neighbors, and we’ll go down to the city, and then we’ll start our own little protest against Waste Pro," said Merkle.

We still don’t know why the company missed the street, because we left a voicemail and never got a response, but hopefully Merkle and his neighbors can rest easy that their trash will be taken care of from now on.