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Waste Pro issues continue all over Cape Coral

Posted at 12:11 AM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 00:11:11-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla., -- Multiple neighbors around Cape Coral say Waste Pro hasn't picked up their trash for months. They tell Fox 4, they are growing more and more fed up. 

“It’s summer, the garbage is hot so you have flies everywhere," said Andrew Grey, a Cape Coral resident. 

Grey says his trash hasn't been picked up in over a month. He explained that when he called the company, he's been unable to get an answer. 

A few weeks ago, the City of Cape Coral and Waste Pro said the lack of pickups were due to construction. However, Grey says he doesn't live around construction. 

“First they asked if I lived in a construction zone, and I’m like no….I don’t live in the construction zone, so I shouldn’t have any problems."

Grey isn't alone. Mario Lopez says he signed up for backdoor pickup service, due to his handicapped service. He tells 4 in your corner, he has not received that service in over a year. 

“Every Tuesday they skip my house. Every Tuesday," Lopez explained. “The next week the driver is training, the next week the truck broke down, too many [excuses]."

Waste Pro provided this statement to Fox 4: 

During Memorial Day week we were behind one full day due to the Holiday.  Homes were serviced, but a day after they would normally be serviced since we were closed on Monday.  We will have a similar schedule for the services regularly scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the week of July 4th (we observe the holiday on Wednesday 7/4 and will be behind the remainder of the week).
Our crews are working hard to service all of our customers and we are working to resolve isolated issues that we are experiencing.

Fox 4 followed up with the spokesperson explaining the neighbors concerns began before the holiday. Fox 4 did not get a response.