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Waste Pro delivers trash pickup plan

Posted at 11:12 PM, Apr 12, 2021

CAPE CORAL, FLA — "It's a zoo. I've never seen this," said Joe Polinice who lives in Cape Coral.

That was one of the more polite descriptors that people used, on and off camera, to describe garbage pickup in Cape Coral Monday.

"One week you get pick up, two weeks and you won't get pick up. You get it picked up at nighttime, you get it picked up a 5 o'clock in the morning," said Polinice.

"They just take out whatever flows and put it to the side and then just leave. It makes no sense at all," said Chardanae Crawford, who also lives in Cape Coral.

During a meeting last week, the amount of missed, delayed, or unfinished garbage pick-ups were discussed. And Cape City officials say things have gotten to the point where they are now considering fining Waste Pro, the company in charge of trash pickup

But first, they're giving them a chance to right their wrongs by coming up with an "action plan" to fix it.

A spokesperson for Cape Coral confirms that they got that plan Monday, but they couldn't tell us what it said or pinpoint when the public would see this issue fixed.

So, we asked folks in the Cape, what they want to change.

"Just consistency. Just to be consistent and do the job," said Polinice.

"It's unacceptable the fact that we have to bring back trash that we already put out," said Crawford.

A spokesperson for the city of Cape Coral did tell FOX 4 that city staff is reviewing a draft version of that "action plan" and will work with the city council to eventually provide a public update on it.

But we want to hear from you! Are you having trouble with your Waste Pro service? And if you are, what do you think needs to be done to make it right?

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