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Waste Pro complaints continue, residents still upset with service

Some people say their palm bundles are being missed
Posted at 6:52 PM, Jun 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-13 07:09:37-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- After a year of dealing with the same problems, people in Cape Coral are still upset with Waste Pro’s service, leaving customers to question whether…waste pro worth their money?

In May we told you the city of Cape Coral received more than 300 complaints about Waste Pro. Some residents say Waste Pro picks up their trash regularly, and others say they wish that was the case.

The latest complaint people are telling Fox 4, is they say more palm bundles are being missed, at least that’s what Marilyn Leisz says she’s dealt with multiple times.

"This is a health hazard, you really should be picking up trash twice a week," Leisz said.

Marilyn says Waste Pro was doing fine at first, then she noticed her bundles weren’t being picked up outside her home. She says four weeks went by then she called to complain to Waste Pro. She said the company told her to pay $50 fifty for crews to pick up her palm bundles.

"It was the worst $50 that I’ve ever spent in my life they did not do their job," Leisz said.

Now she says she feels waste pro “wasted” everyone’s time.

"You’re wasting your money, if we’re paying for this, you’re wasting your money," she added.

Cape Coral’s contract with Waste Pro is up in 2020. Fox 4 asked what they’re latest status was with the recent complaints, they gave Fox 4 the same response from an earlier story in May stating: "The city will consider all options as we approach the end of the current contract period. this could include deciding whether the city wants to re-up for the final five-year option at the end of the current five-year period (2020).”

We did reach out to waste pro for a statement and information about this number of complaints in the last year, and the spokesperson told Fox 4 they will provide more information in the next 24 hours.