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Lawyer: Possible confession from Wade Wilson could hold up in court

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Posted at 10:09 PM, Oct 15, 2019

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — A possible consequential confession from Wade Wilson could be used against him in court.

His ex-girlfriend, MeLisa Montanez claims he owned up to the murders over the phone when he called her from jail Monday.

Wilson is the person of interest in the deaths of Kristine Melton and Diane Ruiz in Cape Coral.

Fox 4 asked a lawyer if this possible confession could hold up in court.

Mike Chionopoulos: “I believe there is no legal reason to stop them from using that in the courtroom”.

Mike Chionopoulos, a lawyer in Fort Myers, says every inmate who is taken into custody is read their Miranda rights.

They are also told that the phone calls they make from inside the jail are recorded for security purposes, which means Wade Wilson’s alleged confession could be used against him in court.

Chionopoulos: “And that is the very reason why the conversation will get in because he knew it was recorded, he knew he had no expectation of privacy”.

Chionopoulos says in his experience, a full confession over a recorded line is rare.

Wilson's other ex-girlfriend, Kelly Matthews tells Fox 4 Wilson confessed to the murders to his dad as well.

Fox 4 is still working to confirm that phone call between Wilson and Montanez happened Monday.

At this time, the state attorney’s office says they can’t give confirmation because it’s still an active case.

If the phone conversation is true, Chionopoulos says it gives the state a reasonable basis to charge Wilson for the deaths of Diane Ruiz and Kristine Melton.

Wade Wilson remains in the Lee County jail on unrelated charges.