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Vote of no confidence for NCH president

No confidence vote for NCH president
Posted at 10:27 PM, Jan 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-17 22:27:33-05

An impromptu meeting of doctors and physicians resulted in a vote of no confidence for the President of Naples Community Hospital Dr. Alan Weiss.

The meeting included doctors in private practice, as well as those affiliated with NCH.

"There's a clear delineation between the hospital and their employed physicians and the independent physicians, and that's kind of when the relationship deteriorated," said Dr. Thomas Parent, Chair of Surgery at NCH.

Many of the doctors are still upset over a pilot program that would only allow NCH hospitalists to see NCH patients, rather than their primary care physician.

"Our main mission is to try and get the board of Naples Community hospital, to reestablish and get more involved between the relationship between the Naples Community physicians and the administration," said Dr. Thomas Parent, Chair of Surgery at NCH.

With the recent departure of 4 radiologists from NCH, some doctors are worried about a decline in the quality of care patients are receiving.

"When a hospital has sort of a hiring crisis, to try and hire primary physicians and hospitalists, they may get some really good ones, and there are some really good ones, but they may have some people to hire just to get the bodies in," said Urologist Dr. William Figlesthaler.

Thursday's no confidence vote isn't binding, but doctors are hoping it will push the board to take action.

Last month, Dr. Weiss told 4-In-Your-Corner that a patient's primary care physician will still have access to their records under the new policy.