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Volunteers rush to Pine Island with donations as residents remain strong after Hurricane Ian.

Pine Island supplies
Posted at 5:09 PM, Oct 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-04 20:20:31-04

PINE ISLAND, Fla. — On Tuesday, neighbors on Pine Island, are banding together as volunteers rushed to the island where many no longer have a home.

“It's been a scary experience to see everything up close and personal and see how desperate people out here are right now,” said William Parsons.

Answering that desperate cry for help was William Parsons and his crew of everyday volunteers for the non-profit, Patriot Emergency Response Team Inc.

On Tuesday, Parsons' team was delivering blankets and food to the community on Pine Island that has been trapped with no way to leave by Hurricane Ian.

“I was a firefighter for 10 years and I got trapped in a structure fire,” said Parsons.

It's Parsons' connection to helping people who are trapped that led him to meet Joanne Correia, who has lived on the island for 10 years.

“I think we have gotten most of the people with medical issues off the island, those of us who are strong are here on the island,” said Correia.

Strong, but uncertain when asked if she believes her small island community is going to make it through.

"I don't know…I think so…..its hard, we can’t sleep, sometimes there are looters and gunshots at night,” said Correia.

On Tuesday, with every new boat, brings new supplies from crews like Parsons' to a Pine Island marina.

During the day. moral continues to grow and so do the strikes of good luck the people of Pine Island, and Correia desperately need.

“And then a truck came by and said do you need anything they were handing us stuff and I said do you have any bread? and they handed me two loaves of fricken bread… I said last night we were praying for fuel for a truck we have almost three-quarters of a tank, somebody donated fuel to us today,” said Correia.

Donations that are buying back Joanne's confidence.

“So ya, we will make it! We are tough out here,” said Correia.

Fueling Parsons' crew, to keep going.

“We are first in and last out,” said Parsons.

If you would like to donate to help provide supplies to Pine Island residents click here.