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Volunteers in Southwest Florida heading to Kentucky to help victims of tornadoes

Marcos Patriots leave Monday for devastation in Kentucky
Posted at 6:34 PM, Dec 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-13 18:45:06-05

MARCO ISLAND, FLA — Right now thousands of people are without heat and water because of the devastation from the multiple tornadoes that hit Kentucky counties. More than 60 people have died and the death toll could be even greater.

People right here in southwest Florida are trying to do their part to give much needed help to the residents there.

Fox 4’s Elyse Chengery spoke with Perry Page who's a retired Marine volunteering in Kentucky. Page lives 90 minutes from where the devastation is and explains what he sees in Kentucky... “Iraq…I mean if you went down a street during during war town Iraq with all buildings crumbled and destroyed that’s what you see in downtown mayfield. And Marshall I haven’t been around to get into because the police and troopers have that completely blocked off only emergency vehicles going.”

Then his cellphone cut out because he said there’s a lack of cell service in the area there….Page plans on driving back and forth from the devastation to home as much as he can this week to help out in the area.

A local non profit organization called Marcos Patriots is also volunteering their time. The organization which was founded in September of 2017 is heading to Kentucky and will try to bring as much food, water, warm clothes and supplies as they can…

“Because there nothing to eat there’s no electricity there’s nothing on and they have nothing to eat so I’m going to feed the workers and people who have nothing,” says Joey Waves a Marcos Patriots Volunteer.

The organization is used to helping with relief efforts throughout Florida but know they need to help these victims around Kentucky.

Erin Mia Milchman is the co-founder and chair of Marcos Patriots, “This particular situation was so dire and devastating that we thought you know we have what we need to help so we’re going to deploy. Our response team is predominantly made up of retired firefighters or volunteer firefighters or retired service men particularly combat marines they come to us they are already trained they love our country and all they want to do is help people.”

Co-founder of Marcos Patriots Matt Melican says Sunshine Ace Hardware on San Marco Road donated a grill that will help when he heads to Kentucky to help cook for residents there.

And Joey’s thoughts on arriving to Kentucky early Tuesday…“It feels pretty good it’s a good feeling.”

If you would like to help this organizations mission