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Viral posts describe suspicious men at Target stores

Posted at 7:19 PM, Sep 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 09:28:51-04

LEE COUNTY, Fla. -- Women in Southwest Florida are on high alert over viral Facebook posts about scary encounters at Target stores in the area.

The posters claim men followed them inside different stores. One victim tells 4 In Your Corner she was targeted at the Target at the Forum in Fort Myers.

Erica Lopez said a man followed her all around the store, so she got security involved. She said even as she was escorted out, the man continued following. “Had I not gone with my gut, I probably wouldn't be standing here,” she said. “I just felt like someone was looking at me and I couldn’t shake that feeling.”

Lopez reported the incident to Fort Myers Police and then took to social media to share her experience. Her post has been shared almost 1,000 times. 

Her post is not the only one circulating on Facebook about scary Target encounters recently. Two other viral posts from Monday allege similar encounters. This time, both at Target on Santa Barbara in Cape Coral. 

Sgt. Allen Kolak with Cape Coral Police said those incidents were not reported at the time, but they are investigating. "We actually never got a call from a victim in reference to this, this was all brought about by social media," he said. "This is a serious case and we are definitely going to investigate and determine whether a crime was committed or not."

Kolak said if this happens to you, call 911 immediately, or you might let a suspect get away.

"I just hope cops find this guy," said Lopez. "I would hate to look on the news and hear that someone is missing and he's responsible, which is why I went to social media so quickly."

Target's corporate offices provided the following statement about the incidents:

"At Target, we’re firmly committed to the safety and security of all guests who shop in our stores. We’re aware of several social media posts from guests who witnessed behavior in our store that made them feel uncomfortable. We want our guests to know that we have security resources at every store to protect them, our team and Target’s property. Guests should report any behavior that makes them feel uncomfortable and we will support them and contact law enforcement as necessary. Additionally, we have team members at every store who will walk guests out to their cars if they need assistance. We’re working with law enforcement as they look into these posts and will provide them with any photos or videos that they need to support their investigation."