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Vietnam War Hero receives a gravestone 13 years after death

Posted at 6:38 PM, Oct 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-31 18:38:47-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- There are thousands people laid to rest at Coral Ridge Funeral Home and Cemetery, but one grave had been left unmarked for thirteen years.

“They say you are lucky if you have one good friend in life, and I think martin would be looking down on a good friend,” said Donald Payton, President and Founder, Hearts and Homes for Veterans.

Martin Posnansky is a Vietnam War Hero, awarded a Bronze Star with Valor for saving the lives of others during combat.

“He died in 06 did I find out how much he gave in saving other people, to sacrificing his life, to which he got a bronze star with valor," said Bert Seidman, Friend of Martin.

Bert Seidman met Posnansky at temple and is his only known friend. They were close for ten years before he passed away in May of 2006 at 66-years-old.

“I’m grateful that he finally has by the grace of god, a mark on his grave to tell world what he did and who he was, because he deserves every bit of it, if not more,” said Seidman.

In 2015 Seidman was denied getting Posnansky a headstone because he had no next of kin. With the help of Hearts and Homes for Veteran’s, Posnansky finally got the ceremony Seidman says he deserves.

Payton says after a few calls the stone was put down, in less than three weeks.

“He was a Vietnam Veteran, I was a Vietnam Veteran and a lot of times we forget and we should remember and pay our respects,” said Payton.

Members of the Jewish War Veteran’s leading the final salute.

“A relative or not, he is now shining for what he did, and recognizing for what he did, no one else will have that grave site, it’s his,” said Seidman.

He's surrounded by other veteran’s who served our country.

“He’ll never be forgotten as long as I’m alive,” said Seidman