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Video: man sucker punches another in Downtown Fort Myers

Posted at 10:29 PM, Apr 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-09 22:30:39-04

A Fort Myers man is accused of sucker punching another man outside a bar in Downtown Fort Myers after he asked him to leave the girls he was with alone. The attack was caught on surveillance video.

Thomas Feeney, 23, is charged with battery. His arrest report said he approached a group of girls at Downtown Social House after 1AM Sunday and tried to talk with them and when they declined, he continued to try to talk to them. 

"The perpetrator in this case was trying to come on to, or talk to a couple of young ladies at the bar. They were not interested," Captain Jay Rodriguez with the Fort Myers Police Department said.

The victim then asked Feeney to leave them alone. 

"We believe maybe our victim may have said 'Hey, look pal, they’re not interested,' or whatever, something to that effect, respectfully," Captain Rodriguez said.

When the group said they were waiting for their Uber outside the bar, Feeney waited until the victim turned his back before punching him in the face and running off.

The victim now has 6-8 stitches, bruising, a broken cheek bone and a broken bone in his eye socket. Monday evening, the blood was still on the concrete outside the bar.
"I guess our perpetrator feelings got hurt, maybe because he was rejected, and took it out on the victim,” Captain Rodriguez said.

Fort Myers Police were able to arrest Feeney within minutes of the attack.

"Good witnesses on hand who gave a description of who the perpetrator was," Captain Rodriguez said. "Officers on scene who gave a description of who the perpetrator was over the radio."

Bike officers found Feeney a few blocks away with a ripped shirt and blood on his hands. Witnesses to the attack, and the bouncer at the bar, identified Feeney as the attacker, and he was charged with battery.

"All that because you got turned down, man. It’s a stupid move," Captain Rodriguez said.
He said this case is a good example of why you should always get a good description of an attacker or someone suspicious.

Rodriguez also said depending on the extent of the injuries, his charges could change to something more serious. 

Four in Your Corner stopped by Feeney's home, but he lives in a gated community. He couldn't be reached by phone.

Note: Some women with the victim that night are employees of Fox 4.