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Using social media to help business branding

Posted at 10:51 AM, Aug 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-21 10:51:30-04

Whether you're working for someone or in business for yourself, you play a role in a company's social media brand.

Social media marketing professor, Dr. Gina Tran, says having an effective social media presence, should be more than pushing information out. Sje says, "You want to offer them something so that they will share with you engage and interact with your brand online. It could be information about your employees, about customers that are stories, compelling in some way."

Dr. Tran says the first step is to understand your target market. She says, "Where is your target market on? What did they do online? Which social media platforms do they use? And then you want to go to those particular social media platforms and appeal to them accordingly. most consumers don't want to be sold to now. They want to have a level of interaction, engagement with the brand. So, they're looking for the brand to listen to them too, and to pay attention to what they're putting out there on social media as well." The more customers interact, the more visible your brand. Tran says, "Because people see that you are more authentic and real and more human in some ways online."

It's rare any business choose not to engage in social media. Tran says, "If your business and you choose not to engage in social media, I hope you have a very good reason. For example, that's not where your target market is. but if your target market is on social media, you want to have your brand out there and add to your brand by using social media to interact to engage to connect with your consumers."