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Unrivaled Tattoos in Cape Coral has seen a rise in business during the COVID-19 pandemic

Posted at 9:02 PM, Sep 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-17 21:02:57-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A.J. Thomas owner of Unrivaled Tattoos in Cape Coral says, his customers are loyal, and he has seen an increase in business during the pandemic.

“ I think a lot of it is just not having that release and not being stuck in the house or being scared to go out. I think a lot of people are showing up just to do something different,” said A.J. Thomas, owner of Unrivaled Tattoos.

Thomas says he’s also seen a different side to his clientele.

“We deal with depression, anxiety, when you are quarantined you don’t get to go to your favorite place like a bar or club, and now people are coming to tattoo shops to release that energy that they want right now. You’re seeing more people, not just young people, but older people doctors, nurses, getting tattoos so it’s helped out a lot,” said Thomas.

One long time client of Unrivaled Tattoos says, work has slowed down for him, so he finds more time to add some ink, and is comfortable doing so amidst social distancing suggestions.

“Not so busy because I own a business and I have a lot of time to where I am able to fill spots on. It’s always clean, everything is sanitized to where it doesn’t bring up a worry or caution, mainly because he takes procedures seriously, he makes people wait outside while someone is inside he’s cautious about COVID and understands it,” said David Gonzalez, a long time customer.

Thomas tells me he was personally diagnosed with Coronavirus, but he says he successfully recovered from COVID and is taking every suggested precaution.

“We sanitize everything already, we do wear masks, we basically offer discretion with clients just to make sure they feel safe and stuff like that,” said Thomas.

He also wants customers new and old to understand, although life might be different, you can still feel a sense of normalcy.

“Just make sure when you sit in my chair and get a tattoo from me, you feel safe and you feel comfortable,” said Thomas.

Thomas tells me he was forced to shut down during the beginning of the pandemic for 2 weeks, but says once reopening the increase in business felt great, and he hopes it a trend that continues.