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Two local gunshops offer free firearm training for teachers in Fort Myers

Posted at 7:01 AM, Mar 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-21 11:45:44-04

Two gun shops in Southwest Florida are offering free gun training for teachers in response to the Parkland shooting.

A free class at North Fort Myers Guns is designed to educate teachers about guns so they can protect themselves and others.

A new state law allows schools districts the option to arm teachers under certain conditions.  They would be required to go through 144 hours of training and an evaluation process with law enforcement.

The owner, Robert Lewis said the training he is offering will give teachers a jump start on how to use a gun.

Lewis said it's a two hour class where teachers can learn the necessary basics and then they will go to a local gun range a few days later to practice firing a firearm.

"My trainer takes you out to his private range in North Fort Myers. You will shoot any number of weapons you want. He makes it a true learning experience," said the North Fort Myers Guns owner, Robert Lewis.

The training is normally $70, but Lewis said he's offering it for free for teachers because he believes arming teachers will help protect kids in school.

Two teachers have already signed up for Tuesday's training class. Lewis said depending on how many teachers sign up, he will hold a class at least once a month.

Teachers can sign up by calling the store at 239-997-2405 or walking into the store to register.

In the meantime, another gun shop in Fort Myers, Fowler Firearms, is offering teachers who receive certification from the state to carry in school, a free membership, once the certification with the state is complete. 

That's according to the manager John Dezendorf. 

The membership includes free range time and gun rentals for a year.

This comes after Governor Rick Scott signed a law allowing school districts to decide whether or not to arm teachers.

School employees would have to take 144 hours of training to carry.

If you're interested in Dezendorf's training opportunity, you can sign up at Fowler Firearms located at 3685 Fowler Street in Fort Myers.