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Top Southwest Florida doctor weighs in on new CDC guidelines

Former Director at Lee Health says masks are still a good idea in many cases
Posted at 2:35 AM, May 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-14 02:35:46-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. — To get you some more perspective on the CDC guidelines (which say vaccinated people generally don't need to wear makes in uncrowded outdoor spaces,) we checked in with Dr. Sal Lacagnina with Concierge Lifestyle Medicine.

Below is an edited (for length) transcript of our some our conversation with the doctor who previously was Director for Wellness & Employee Health at Lee Health.

DR. SAL LACAGNINA/CONCIERGE LIFESTYLE MEDICINE: With the new guidance the CDC is giving us, I think we still have to be realistic about the fact that the virus is still out there. There have been mutations.

WFTX: Can we throw a few places out at out and you say mask or no mask?


WFTX: The Grocery store.

DR. SAL LACAGNINA/CONCIERGE LIFESTYLE MEDICINE: Well, I would still say mask. You're passing a lot of people

WFTX; Places of Worship - church, synagogue, mosque?

DR. SAL LACAGNINA/CONCIERGE LIFESTYLE MEDICINE I sit in the back., I go to church in Cape Coral. I sit way in the back and I do wear my mask. At our church, everybody sings. And, again, you're just spewing all that air out of your own lungs. So I think it's beneficial.

WFTX: An indoor restaurant, or maybe a wedding reception?

DR. SAL LACAGNINA/CONCIERGE LIFESTYLE MEDICINE Yeah, that's more difficult. Obviously, you want to be able to eat and enjoy yourself. So, if you are putting yourself in that situation, when I walk in, I'll have my mask on. Obviously, while you're eating, you're not.

WFTX: An airport terminal? Dr, SAL LACAGNINA: Yes, definitely.

WFTX: On the airplane as well? Yes, definitely, on the airplane

WFTX: You've practiced medicine in SWFL for a long time. Is there anything you want to say to people, knowing the uniqueness of this area, about where we are at this point in the pandemic?

DR. SAL LACAGNINA/CONCIERGE LIFESTYLE MEDICINE We have such a vibrant community. And it's just so important coming out of the pandemic, the way it seems that we are, for people to maintain their health.