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Too many self-service storage units in Cape Coral? City council looking to pause on more facilities

Posted at 10:21 PM, Apr 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-18 22:24:26-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — It's hard to drive around Cape Coral for more than two miles and not see a self-storage building. Now the city council is looking to put a pause on facilities
in the permitting and construction phase for nine months.

Wednesday will be the second and final hearing for the ordinance where people can give their opinions.

“Well generally it would just be the traffic conditions," said Paul Carter a Cape Coral resident. “Most people that move into Cape Coral, move to get away.”

Carter explained that many residents in the Cape live in the city to get away from the heavy traffic—however, with so many storage buildings all over Cape Coral including those near his home, he worries it will take away what he believes is the beauty of the city.

"What they are doing is that they are actually building a whole brand new storage facility, which is going to increase traffic in the small neighborhood, which is not ideal," Carter said.

The city council is looking at the 9-month moratorium because there are so many storage buildings in city limits.

"I'm just wondering if there is such a need for so many storage units because there is an abundance going up around Cape Coral," said Stacy Wager, a Cape Coral resident.

The city said there are 1.5 million square feet of self-storage already, that's equivalent to 26 football fields, and on top of this another 1.6 million square feet of storage buildings in the permitting or building phase.

If the city passes the moratorium, leaders will take those 9 months to look further into regulations and how to hand the growth and demand.

"I know this whole area is going to expand, more and more, but the last thing I want over there are businesses," Carter said.

A spokeswoman with the city said Wednesday's meeting wouldn't be a final vote.