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Threatening post puts parents on high alert

Posted at 12:37 AM, Feb 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-19 08:00:24-05

A gunman loose in their child's school is a parent's worst nightmare. It's unfortunately become a frightening reality in the wake of the Parkland shooting. After learning that the shooter made multiple treats on social media, parents have been watching internet feeds closely for potential threats. 

In Southwest Florida, many parents opted to keep their children home from school when they learned other students were making threats similar to the ones that resulted in a shooting Wednesday. 

While most of them were found to be non-credible, there were multiple threats made in the wake of the shooting. One was at Caloosa Middle School where many parents opted to keep their children at home despite potential penalties to their attendance record. 

Former Police Chief Walter Zalisko says that even if the there is no danger to public safety, people should still keep and eye out and report anything they see and hear. 

"Every parents should be concerned with that, every school official and law enforcement should be concerned", he told Four In Your Corner.