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The residents of Briarcliff continuing their efforts to stop Fiddlesticks Gate

Posted at 1:19 PM, Dec 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-05 13:19:30-05

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Briarcliff residence is holding a meeting today to continue its efforts to stop the Fiddlestick Gate opening.

Briarcliff road constantly has cars pass through of its many residents and with the narrow roads, residence feels it isn't suited for more traffic.

“You hold your breath almost when you pass a truck on the road," Pete Callahan, a Briarcliff resident, said.

That's why residence met at the local church to update on their plans to stop the plan.

This meeting comes after Fiddlestick County Club submitted another project access point plan.

The gate would only be for residence only, including more than 600 homes in that community.

“It’s a disaster all around. I think even our road can’t handle that traffic. This road wasn’t built for that," Sabrina Lundbohm, a Briarcliff resident, said.

They want their concerns heard by the county commissioners.

“We just want our voices heard and actually for them to look at it and think is this really practical. Should this really be done?" Lundbohm said.

The residence has a list of concerns about this new access point, including their homes' safety.

“With that gate open, there will be a lot more traffic in and out of here. We are concerned about the security of homes," Callahan said.

Even worried about the kids who wait on the shoulder of the narrow road for their buses.

Callahan said there is an alternative to use the Three Oaks Extension for Fiddlestick residence.

The residences of Briarcliff look to attend the Lee County Commissioners meeting this Tuesday to express their concerns.

Lee County Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass said anyone is welcome to speak at public comment if they are concerned about an issue. He also said this issue, in particular, is under the authority of the county manager and staff of community development, not the Board of Commissioners.

In an email, he continued with, "as a past resident of Briarcliff, I understand and share their concerns and I look forward to helping them improve the street and pedestrian safety concerns no matter the outcome."