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The Fort Myers Salvation Army hosts " The Most Amazing Race" in efforts to help raise money

Salvation Army hosts Most Amazing Race to help raise funds for the organization
Posted at 2:32 PM, Feb 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-09 14:32:52-05

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Amazing racers made their way around Fort Myers participating in challenges raising money for the Fort Myers Salvation Army. For many years, the organization has raised countless amounts of money and helped millions of people in time of need.

“Everyone remembers us at Christmas time, the red kettles and all, but need knows no season in The Salvation Army. We find our door are open everyday to help those who are in the toughest of situations,” said Major Carlyle Gargis, Area Commander for The Salvation Army.

Carlyle Gargis says the army has pledged to help people in all kinds of disasters.

“You know disasters is not just hurricane and tornadoes that we think about, there are personal disasters that happen everyday in our city, and at he Salvation Army we have pledged to be there to help those people in their greater time of need”, said Gargis.

Having hundreds of people sleep in a Salvation Army bed each night Gargis says comes with great responsibility , and todays race helps benefit that cause.

“The race today is a fun time to help bring about awareness of really what the needs are ,and two they can help The Salvation Army which in turn helps our families and neighbors”, said Gargis.

I even caught up with one racer during the middle of a challenger who says, you help those who help others.

“Oh my goodness! The Salvation Army does so many great things for the community between homeless shelters, and their treatment centers for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, taking care of people when we have natural disasters, it’s like how could you not help they do so much good work”, said Danielle Blair, a participant in the race

Fox 4 morning anchors Trent Eric, and Amy Wegman, were the champions of todays race, and donated their $2,500 prize back to The Salvation Army in efforts to help the organization provide for those in need.