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The first solar energy food truck in Collier County delivers food all around Southwest Florida

Posted at 3:10 AM, Aug 02, 2021

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — A Collier County food truck combines dishes from around the world while looking after our planet.

Chef Global is the first solar energy food truck in Collier County. Ricardo Lory said a dream sparked the idea.

“I just had a dream one day and in that dream. It was about the globe and all I saw was a forest of greenness and it told me to go green,” he said.

Lory added panels to his food truck not only to help the environment but to save a few bucks.

“You are burning all this gas, but when we have the solar you know you are saving so much money,” Lory said.

The food truck previously ran off of gas, but Lory ran into issues with the ice cream machine. He wasn’t able to use it without turning off other appliances. He wanted a solution that could help and the solar panels did just that.

He also uses solar panels to market his company.

The TV monitor on the outside of the food truck runs off of solar power.

But Lory’s main goal is to bring international cuisine to Southwest Florida.

He knows just how much food brings people together.

If you can bring this one national staple from that county, they are like oh okay I have had this before you know. They feel at home. It also educated other people. I have never been to this country, but this tastes really good. Now, I want to explore more into that county,” he said.

Lory also offers individualized meal prep services. You can find him riding around Naples and Fort Myers serving up fusion cuisine.