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The DeSoto County Sheriff responds to a threat to the high school

Posted at 12:57 PM, Feb 06, 2023

DESO COUNTY, Fla. — Today, DeSoto High School received a social media post with a possible threat to the school. Around 8:41 a.m. this morning the Sheriff's office was immediately notified and began following protocols and procedures.

Through an investigation, officers determined the threat to not be credible. It did, however, lead to a violation of the Florida State Statute for disrupting a school function. Charges have been sent to the State Attorney's office against the students for making threats on social media.

After a through investigation of the threat, the Arcadia Police Department released a statement on their Facebook page,

"This is an isolated incident, and the men and women of the police department are actively working every lead. There has been extra patrol assigned to the schools. Parents are encouraged to contact the police department if your child or someone they know has any information in regards to the DeSoto County Fair incident."

Over the weekend, a shooting at the Desoto County Fair left 17- year-old Daniel Rodriguez-Lopez dead. According to Arcadia Police, the victim, in this case, knew the person of interest they now are talking to and it all started as a fight, police say.

Residents now are shaken to the core, Like Isis Gant, who's lived in the area all her life and was at the fair when the shooting took place, " I heard the gunshot but I didn't think it was like within the fair," Gant reliving the moment, explaining that she was on the stage of the pageant taking place after they had just crowned a new queen, "it was so bad and everyone just started and screaming and running and they pushed us backstage."

Gant, still visibly nervous says she was also working a concession stand at the fair and feels unsafe going back.

While she didn't know Rodriguez-Lopez personally, she said when she saw the photos she did recognize his mom, "She's a hard-working mother, I always see her around, I really mourn for the mother of the child, because like, if it would have just been like the smallest thing, security or whatever like maybe she would still have her son today."

Due to the threats at the High School the Desoto County Fair will remain closed on Monday but is expected to reopen on Tuesday with heightened police presence at both Desoto County High School and the fairgrounds.