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Tamiflu in high demand this flu season

Posted at 10:15 PM, Jan 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-26 22:15:47-05

It will go down as one of the worst flu seasons in recent memory.

Even if you had the flu shot it may not work as well as it normally would, and the vaccine isn't that effective.

"This year, they didn't get the combination just right, plus it's the strain this year that's most problematic," said Michael Acquino, owner of Naples Pharmacy.

His pharmacy had to switch to a backup supplier to keep Tamiflu on the shelves.

"The manufacturer that we've been stocking, is now out of stock, out of inventory," said Acquino.

Tamiflu also comes in liquid form for children.

If you are afraid of getting the flu, or those around you already have it, Aquino says you can take Tamiflu before you get sick, as a preventative measure.

"It would also help with the severity and some of the symptoms of the flu."

Walgreens and CVS says they still have Tamiflu and Flu shots in stock at stores around Southwest Florida.   Quantities vary and they recommend calling ahead before going to the pharmacy.

Tamiflu requires a prescription.