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SWFL mom looking for son's lost ashes

Missing Ashes Locket
Posted at 9:19 PM, May 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-27 22:51:14-04

LEHIGH ACRES, FLA — Estella Diaz says her son Ivan was a good kid.

"Very smart kid, very funny, very outgoing, very friendly with people goodhearted," she said.

He was the kind of son to call just because.

"He would just call to say 'I love you.' It's hard when you don't hear that," Diaz said crying.

But she says she doesn't get to hear his voice anymore, because in 2018 Ivan died of congestive heart failure...

"It's been three years now, but to me, it's like yesterday," she said.

And almost exactly three years to the day he died, Diaz says she's reliving the pain of losing him all over again.

"I have sleepless nights because I'm here busting my head [going] 'where is it?'" she said.

That's after she recently lost a small red pouch, likely at a Southwest Florida garage sale, that had a four-leaf clover locket in it with Ivan's ashes inside.

"I feel so empty. Every time I look in my purse I'm hoping that I overlooked it and it's there," she said.

Diaz says she knows someone found the pouch because her debit card was also in there and she was recently alerted to suspicious activity on it.

"I found out it was trying to be used because when I logged in to my account online it blocked me out because of 'too many attempts,'" she said.

Diaz says she's desperate to get the locket back.

She's now working with the Fort Myers Police Department and the Lee County Sheriff's Office to help find it. She's even offering a $100 reward for its return.

"I'm not going to press charges on you, you picked it up, fine. Just don't throw it in the garbage turn it into the local police department," she said.

If you do find that red pouch, you can drop it off with FMPD or LCSO.

And Diaz says you can call also her at 239-878-5341.