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SWFL couple at odds with construction company

Posted at 10:25 PM, Sep 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-01 22:25:56-04

LEHIGH ACRES, FLA — The McClendon family says they were hoping to find more space, in a newly built home on a Lehigh Acres lot.

"We had another child, our other boys are older. So we needed more space," said Mrs. McClendon.

With visions of a dream home in mind, they signed on with construction giant Maronda homes in January.

"We signed a contract and we were told it could take 3-4 months for permitting after we signed the contract," she said.

But what the couple says they didn't fully understand at the time, was that they'd have to sign over this land to the company before the house could be built.

"They never told us when that process would occur," she said.

Over the last five months, the family says communication between them and the company was spotty. But they do say that they would get updates from time to time assuring them that everything was going smoothly.

And then in June, a shock.

"We got an email stating we're canceling your contract," said Mrs. McClendon, "No one was informed about the deeding over, him nor me, we didn't know anything about it."

The contract they signed shows they had 30 days to sign that land over.

A spokesperson for Maronda Homes called FOX 4 before we interviewed the McClendons, to say that they gave them extra time to get the land signed over and that the McClendons "refused to do it."

They also claim that they "incurred some costs," while they were waiting for the couple to deed over their land.

As a result of the canceled contract and because of those "costs," the company is keeping more than half of the couple's $5,000 deposit.

"I requested documentation of what they used the money on and they would never give us any documentation," said Mrs. McClendon.

Maronda Homes denied FOX 4's request for a breakdown of those costs as well.

And tonight, the couple is now demanding a full refund.

"If you truly are out to help the people and you are trying to build the best homes possible you would do the right thing," said Mrs. McClendon.

The couple says the company sent them a check for $1600, but they haven't cashed it. They are now looking to possibly file a small claims lawsuit to get all $5000 back.

FOX 4 also contacted Maronda Homes a second time, to get some clarity on the situation, but they didn't answer my questions.