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Staying safe during alligator mating season

Posted at 10:52 PM, Apr 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-08 22:52:03-04

NAPLES, Fla. -- Alligator mating season has started in Southwest Florida and that means that alligator sighting could become more common. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, alligator mating season begins in the beginning of April, and just like any other animal, they spend the time searching for a mate. 

Local alligator trapper Ray Simonsen Sr. says that this season has already been a busy one for him. He's already gotten six emergency calls about nuisance alligators. He told Four in Your Corner that they can show up just about anywhere.

“Could be a swimming pool, could be a garage, car port, under a vehicle“, he said.

Simonsen works as a contracted trapper with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation. He tells Fox 4, mating season may make the appearance of nuisance alligators more frequent as their natural desire to find deeper water combines with their primal urge to mate.  

“All they’re worried about is finding a mate and mating."

Simonsen says during this season, there are certain ways to protect yourself and your property. He recommends keeping pets inside and turning on a light if you happen to have to go out in the dark to ward off alligator. If one happens to wander too close to your property, the best thing to do is stay away and call a professional to come remove it. 

more information about Florida's statewide nuisance alligator program is available here.