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A Southwest Florida local business is giving away huge prizes

Labor shortages push companies to step up
Posted at 12:44 AM, Jul 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-30 00:45:36-04

LEE COUNTRY, Fla. — This local company decided to use grand prizes to lure people back to work. And the prizes range from laptops to a hot new sports car.

Spherion Staffing Agency started a weekly sweepstakes for active employees right here in lee county to help local businesses find quality employees.

"We have a hundred open positions right now. Our goal is to get those filled,” said Ellen Owen the regional vice president. "Everyday clients call us with more need and we're just trying to work as fast as we can to meet those needs and find them the employees that they need. "

Lately business have needed to do more to attract workers. So, across the country employers started advertising more and more hiring incentives. Owen’s tells us the labor force has changes so much since the start of the pandemic.

"A lot of people have retired; our workforce is a lot younger than it was before. A lot of people like the remote aspect. So, getting people, a lot of people are changing jobs which we've notices,” she said. “They're just leaving their jobs for better jobs, more so than anytime that we can remember."

Since the beginning of the year, job searches for hiring incentives went up by one-hundred-thirty-four percent according to indeed. Jobs that advertise these signing bonuses also doubled since last June.

Employees that are hired through Spherion are automatically entered into the sweepstakes. Every week winners will be selected to receive a prize, leading up to the grand prize. If you are interested in starting a new job with Spherion call (239) 939-9999