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Dying Vietnam veteran could lose home due to neighborhood by-laws

Posted at 10:50 PM, Apr 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-12 22:50:27-04

NAPLES, Fla., -- A Vietnam vet might find himself fighting for his life without a home due to his neighborhood's by-laws. 

“I’m going it’s only a matter of time," said Bruce Addison, a Vietnam veteran. Addison is on hospice as he suffers from cancer. 

His wife, Emma Addison, had a mobile home on Riverwood Rd until it was destroyed by Hurricane Irma. Since the storm, the couple has been staying with their son, Bruce, who is on active duty in the Navy. Bruce, currently on a humanitarian assignment to help his family in Naples, came down from his naval base in North Carolina. 

“I’m not doing this for myself, I mean, I was originally here to help my mom and dad," said Bruce.

He explained his parent's new mobile home will be in soon, but because the neighborhood by-laws require them to have a car port and a lanai in order to move in, they may not have a home to go to for months. They explained they need more time for those two things to come in. 

For the Addison family, however, time is not on their side. They say Mr. Addison could be passing away any day now and their son may not be around much longer to take care of them either.

“Our son might be leaving," explained Mr. and Mrs. Addison. "Once he has to go we have nowhere to go.” 

Fox 4 reached out to the head of the Homeowner's Association, he explained the "rules are the rules" and cannot be changed for individual cases. The neighborhood is expected to have a vote on new regulations come this Saturday.