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School bus app issues frustrates parents in Lee County

Posted at 6:58 AM, Aug 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-14 06:58:51-04

Some Lee County parents are frustrated about issues with their child's school bus route, and an app designed to track the buses.

The district introduced a new app this school year called, "Where'sTheBus.” It tracks where your child's bus is and if there are any delays. To create an account, you put in your child's bus number and student I.D.

However, a Cape Coral parent reached out to Four In Your Corner saying the bus app didn't work for her. Tiffany Laymance says it wasn't just the app that frustrated her. She also says her child's bus didn't show up Friday or Monday when it was scheduled to. So instead, she had to drive her daughter to school.

Laymance says she tried calling the bus compound phone, but the messaging system could not take her information.

The district’s spokesperson Rob Spicker says when they tested out the app, they only had about a dozen buses and 50 users. Now, the district has over 750 buses with about 4,000 users. On top of that, he says there were 800 requests for route changes the day before school started.

Spicker asks parents to keep in mind the construction and traffic in the area may delay buses, and be patient the first few months of school.